Machine Safety

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Fox Controls Inc. has been a Value Added High Tech distributor for over 28 years which started in 1988. It severed the Northern Illinois market place. Fox Controls Inc. began distributing safety products in the mid 1990's as well as providing application services. Fox Controls Inc. began participating in ANSI B11 (Machine tool standards) by the mid 1990's. By the end of 1999 it was an exclusive safety products distributor as well as an safety solution integrator.

It became very involved with large safety application such as Mitsubishi Motors in Bloomington Illinois as well as John Deere in Dubuque Iowa. This is where it developed the DURO-Guard ™, robust machine hard guarding line in accordance with ANSI B11.19 Performance Criteria for Safeguarding. It has since provided this modular guarding system to hundreds of companies nation wide as well as in Canada.

Fox Controls is located in Elgin Illinois operating a manufacturing and safety controls system provider. It purchases safety devices but manufactures all the hard guarding and control system on site.