Machine Safety

8 foot high guarding for large robots provides protection from flying objects

An 18" space between guard and machine

Excellent stationary posts for a simpler guarding design

Fencing mounts to converyor rail to protect personnel from moving hazard

Fencing replaces guard rail which does not prevent access to hazardous area

Gate access to hazardous area

Gates are painted orange per ANSI Z535.2 for easy recognition of access points

Guarding conveyor nip points with light curtain

Individual fence sections can be easily removed for maintenance

Perimeter guarding is highly recommended for most applications

Swing gate with solenoid gate switch and Safe-T-Station control box

Use of slide gates with limited aisle space

Profile guarding along machine footprint

Custom gates are made to fit a specific need

Enclose stationary posts for a simpler guarding design

Typical Installations

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