Machine Safety

Fox Controls identified a number of phases invovled in an effective procedure for achieving machine safeguarding solutions.

These Phases include:

1. Risk Assessment
2. Risk Reduction Strategy
3. Design/Concept Drawings
4. Cost Analysis
5. Safeguarding equip acquistion
6. Electrical Interface
7. Installation
8. Training

Risk Assessment

● The Level of Risk must first be determined before any safeguarding can be provided.

● This can be informal such a determination that something can occur that would cause an injury and therefore some means of  safeguarding must be applied.

● This can be a formal, documented process such as ANSI B11. TR3 which requires consideration of situations and frequency of exposure to establish a probability of occurrence together with the serverity of the injury when the hazard is encountered. This is documented and used as a guide in the safeguarding solution.

Risk Reduction Strategy

● If the level of risk determined by the risk assessment is not tolerable, it is necessary to reduce that risk by implementing proctective measures using the base machine standard and ANSI B11.19 as a guide.

● The highest degree of risk reduction is achieved with the use of barrier guards that prevent access to the hazardous areas.

● Safeguarding devices also provide a high degree of risk reduction by stopping/preventing hazardous motion before an individual can reach the hazardous area.

● Safeguarding methods - safe working practices, training, PPE, supervision, etc. may be applied as the lowest degree of protection.

Design/Concept Drawings/Cost Analysis

● After an appropriate risk reduction strategy is determined, a conceptual design lay out is made to provide the basis of a BOM and a cost estimate.

● When the risk assessment, risk reduction strategy, design concept and cost estimate has been approved by the user the design and drawings are finalized.

Acquistion-Safeguarding/Equip Devices

● With the final approval by the user, acquistion of all equipment is started.

● Hard guarding (fencing, gates, latches, etc.) and electrical interfaces (Safe-T-Stations, junction boxes, etc.) are furnished through Fox Controls.

● Safeguarding Devices (light curtains, E-Stops, laser scanners, etc.) are acquired from third party suppliers.

Installations/Electrical Interface/Training

● Installations starts with a visual layout of the hardguarding on the plant floor to identify any physical interference.

● The modular approach to the hard guarding system allows for a quick installation of all components.

● A junction box with terminal block connections is provided for interface with the user's control circuitry.

● Training of the safeguarding solution is provided for operators and supervisors to ensure safe and effective use of the equipment

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